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1.43sWhat about the Mayor?
1.97sHe could have killed him and got himself off scot-free!
3.15s(SIGHS) He took the Twitter name Mayor West,
3.47sso now I have to use Mayor underscore West.
1.93sThat rat-faced cracker!
2.62sBut you hated him, too, Dr. Hartman.
2.89sHe switched around all the bones on the skeleton in my office.
1.52sI don't know what's what anymore.
2.28sLet's take a look at that wrist injury.
1.97sThat's my foot, not my hand.
2.1sSure, I hated him, but so did Mort.
5.82sHe's terrible. He took a Penthouse into the pharmacy bathroom and left his little handiwork in the sink.
2.55sYou know, he's a dirtbag, but I didn't kill him!
1.38sMaybe it was Diane.
3.7s(SIGHS) James Woods promised to introduce me to Dan Rather.