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2.14sGrilled me, ate me arms and legs. It was a whole thing.
1.47sBut I'm not the killer!
1.43sWhat about the Mayor?
1.97sHe could have killed him and got himself off scot-free!
3.15s(SIGHS) He took the Twitter name Mayor West,
3.47sso now I have to use Mayor underscore West.
1.93sThat rat-faced cracker!
2.62sBut you hated him, too, Dr. Hartman.
2.89sHe switched around all the bones on the skeleton in my office.
1.52sI don't know what's what anymore.
2.28sLet's take a look at that wrist injury.
1.97sThat's my foot, not my hand.
2.1sSure, I hated him, but so did Mort.
5.82sHe's terrible. He took a Penthouse into the pharmacy bathroom and left his little handiwork in the sink.
2.55sYou know, he's a dirtbag, but I didn't kill him!
1.38sMaybe it was Diane.
3.7s(SIGHS) James Woods promised to introduce me to Dan Rather.
2.84sBut instead, he introduced me to Danny Bonaduce.
2.53sI tell you, that guy looks like a dog turning 30.
1.55sBut what about the old guy?
2.24sI heard him complaining about Woods in the dining room.
1.13sThat's true.
3.17sHe replaced my Cialis with methamphetamines!