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1.17sNow who here has a motive?
2.6sWell, according to James Woods, we all did.
1.97sHe brought us here to make amends with us.
2.74sBut he wronged one of us enough to want revenge.
2.33sThe question is, who?
2.23sWell, I know one person who could have.
2.79sMy partner, Tom.
3.67sAll right, it's true. James Woods ruined my career!
1.47sI originally wanted to be an actor.
2.24sAnd I booked the lead role in Nightmare on Elm Street.
1.77sBut James Woods said, "No, don't bother.
1.4s"Something else will come along."
1.43sSo I turned it down.
2.74sAnd now this Robert Englund is the talk of the town.
2.13sThat should be me everyone's talking about!
2.44sOh, my God, you guys, we must've fallen asleep.
1.73sWe're in the dream right now!
1.7sThat's right. You are in a dream, children,
3.9swhich means you are going to get something of a serious scratching by me,
1.4sFreddy Kroiger.
1.6sHa! Ha!
1.83sIs it... Is it Kroiger?
3.1sWas I angry? Yes, of course! But I didn't kill him!
3.12sWhat about Seamus? You hated James Woods. You told me so!
3.8sAye. He's the one who made me what I am today.