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3.07sCheck it out! I'm a robot from outer space!
1.17sHang on. I'm coming down.
2sGo, go, gadget skis!
2.67sAll right, since it's my fault that Joe got knocked out,
3.1sit is now my responsibility to take over the investigation.
1.72sI don't know if that actually follows.
1.4sOh, it does follow, Brian,
2.92sbecause I'm the one with the giant magnifying glass.
0.62sIs my eye big?
1.33sGood. Good.
1.3sThat means progress.
1.6sAll right, let's figure out what we know here.
2.3sThe gun was clearly meant to kill Jimmy Woods,
1.8sbut Stephanie got in the way.
3.82sSo the murderer had to improvise and finish the job by stabbing Jimmy Woods.
1.17sWhat? What? What is that?
2.57sDon't call him Jimmy Woods. Like you're in the Hollywood set.
4.8sYeah. Brian did one TV pilot and he thinks he can call the star of Cape Fear Bobby De Niro.