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2.4sOkay, Tom, you're over here on all fours.
1.72sCarter, I need your face right here.
1.28sNope, even closer.
1.72sYou're gonna want to feel the heat coming off him.
2.93sOkay, Consuela, I'm gonna need you on your knees.
1.47sAnd we're probably partway into it here,
1.67sso one of your eyes is stuck shut.
2.33sAll the way shut. There are 11 of us, dear.
1.45sAll right, Tom, you're squinting.
1.3sYou're anticipating. Don't do that.
1.7sCarl, you can take your fist out of your own mouth.
1.13sBruce, great work.
2.03sBruce seems like the only gamer here.
5.94sThanks, it's okay to look the other way when y'all pass me on the street with y'all's wives. I understand.
1.67sAnd that places the witness right here,
2.9snext to the lubricating station and the terrible-smelling guest book.
1.58sWould she be face up?
2.9sNo, she had small breasts, but a great ass. She's definitely face down.
1.97sBut then, how could she see the window?
4sOh, my God. You're right. She couldn't have.
4.55sAnd now to take my position. This is what I call "The Butter Pat".