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1.52sCome on!
1.97sI did a dog once, but I was in the Philippines,
1.53sand I sure as hell didn't write him a letter.
1.93sWhat? So what does that prove?
3.54sThe victim had access to all the office-of-the-mayor stationery he could ever want,
3.74syet he hand-made a letterhead on stationery from a Marriott?
1.97sAs far as I'm concerned, that casts doubt.
5.89s(ARGUING) Look, you guys just say the word and I'll put this ball with cheese in it on the floor.
1.97sWe won't hear from him for an hour and a half.
2.24sLook, if I'm still the only one who says "not guilty,"
2.27sI won't hold things up any longer.
1.67sLet's vote again, and I'll abstain.
3.04sIf it's unanimous, I'll change my vote and we can all go home.
3.6sOkay, everyone take one of these here and write their vote.