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2.6sIt's unfair to say that all politicians are liars,
1.67stherefore Mayor West is guilty.
1.38sBrian's right.
2.9sI was a county alderman once and I never told no fibs.
3.14sI bent over backwards and forwards for them constituents.
4.1sIt's important to make sure everyone is happy, so I took a lot of polls.
1.12sGay stuff.
3.15sYeah, and I served honorably as a U.N. interpreter.
4.14s(SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE) Okay, he's mad about something.
2.27sHe appears to be talking really fast.
2.3sHe spits whenever he makes the "ch" noise,
2.4swhich, in this language, happens a lot.
2.09sI'm expected to entertain him and his wife tonight,
2.22sso if anyone knows a good restaurant in the area...
1.63sSushi or tapas,
4.2ssomething where they're always bringing stuff to the table so you have something to talk about. You know?
1.57s"Hey, what's this? This looks good..."
3.24sWar, war, war! That last sentence was about war!
3.67sLook, an expert confirmed that the blackmail note was signed by the victim.
1.9sThat points irrefutably to West.
2.19sWell, maybe we should take a look at that letter.
3.67sYeah, I'd like to see that. 'Cause I can read it just like everybody else.