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2sI had that for breakfast!
2.4sWhat do you mean "not guilty"? What's wrong with you?
3.42sShoot, that was a stomachache. I told that guy he had polio.
4.55sLook, the system specifies the defendant must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
2.15sMayor West's life is on the line here.
2.23sI'm just saying, it's possible he didn't do it.
3.1s(ARGUING) That's for the jury to decide.
3.55sMayor West is crazy. He should've been locked up a long time ago.
1.83sYeah, there's definitely something off about him.
1.42sI'm his physician.
3.07sOkay, now we'll just test those reflexes.
1.13sMAN 1: Hey, did you hear that?
1.3sMAN 2: There's someone out there.
1.43sMAN 3: Hello? WOMAN: We're in here!
1.77sMAN 4: There are six of us!
1.55sLook, we all saw that blackmail note.
1.73sMayor West is the only one with a motive.
1.63sI don't even know why we're discussing it.
2.5sWell, was Mayor West the only one with a motive?
2.94sI mean, there are people who would benefit if he were put away for murder.
1.77sPolitical rivals, special interests.
2.34sI mean, it's possible he could have been framed.