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1.3sPlus, I got to get back to the station.
2.2sIf I'm not there by 5:00, Joyce will anchor the news,
2.42sand I don't think anyone wants that to happen again.
2.6sOur top story. Guys, right?
1.07sYes, it's open and shut.
1.9sNow let's just vote him guilty and get out of here.
1.37sLook, I know everyone's in a hurry,
4.12sbut shouldn't we at least go over the evidence once before we vote, just to be fair?
1.87sYou know what would shed some light on the case?
2.74sIf we huck water balloons at people in the street.
1.8sThey were carrying a trampoline.
1.12sHere's the facts.
1.3sThere was a note from the victim,
3.04sthreatening to expose the mayor in a corruption scandal.
2.4sThe murder weapon was the mayor's own knife.
4.57sAnd finally, that lady with the Peter Gallagher eyebrows on the witness stand,
1.64ssaw the whole thing.
1.2sOkay, let's get down to business.
2.6sAll in favor of "guilty," raise your hands.