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1.03sOh, my God.
1.28sUncle Adam!
1.98sUptown emergency. Don't got to finish my green beans.
2.37sPeter, you stay there and finish those green beans.
3.5sBut my stomach's upset on account of the news.
1.6sAlso found in the mayor's residence,
6.17swas a blackmail note from the victim threatening to expose the mayor in a corruption scandal unless the victim was paid off.
4.07sYou can put a picture of a note above my shoulder any time now, Tony.
2sNo, that's the Rose Bowl Parade.
1.94sThat's the Pumpkin Festival.
1.8sOkay, okay, you think that humiliates me?
2.1sI don't care. Oscar De La Hoya does it.
1.73sWe now go live to Tricia Takanawa,
2.23swho is outside the mayor's mansion.
2.65sTom, I'm standing outside the mayor's mansion,
1.97swhere, against the wishes of his attorneys,
3.7sthe mayor has agreed to an impromptu press conference.
0.33sMayor West!
1.25sMayor West!
1.08sWhat do you know about the murder?
1.23sDid you kill that man?
4.8sYes, I'll take a question from the reporter from the Quahog Elementary School Gazette.