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4.6sCHORUS: There was a peaceful town called Quahog
3.5sWhere people lived in harmony
4.77sThey never had no kind of trouble
3.5sThere was no hint of misery
2.9s(SINGING FASTER) Then all at once the trouble started
3sA pack of murderers and thieves
3sLike swarms of locusts they descended
2.57sTheir aim to make the town folk flee
2.84sThey've got to be here somewhere. Where's my first lieutenant?
3.74sHere I am, sir. Yes, sir. Right indeed. Here indeed. Yes, I am, sir!
4.64sI want you to turn this settlement upside down until you find Lady Redbush and Griffin Peterson!
2.9sThat fat bastard thinks he can steal my bride and get away with it?
2.37sI wouldn't bet a corn farthing on him escaping.
3.17sNo, I wouldn't. Not a corn farthing would I bet. No, sir.