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4.4sHey, coachman, let's drive on the left side of the road and see if that catches on.
3.47sGood Lord! Who is that?
2.97sThat's Lady Redbush and her husband-to-be, Griffin Peterson.
3.7sThat piece of ass is marrying that tall glass of poop juice?
2.04sWell, not if I have anything to say about it.
2.54sA woman of that caliber should be married to a king.
1.33sWell, what are you gonna do about him?
4.94sI'm the king, jester. I'm going to have him exiled to the farthest corner of the world.
2.37sAnd then she'll be all mine!
1.87sWhy is he such a jerk to everybody?
3.6sBecause he has a very, very small penis. I've seen it, actually,
2.33sand it's, like, you don't even want to make fun of it.
2.67sYou know, it's just medically fascinating.
1.73sI kind of want to see it.