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2.54sAnd I'm, like, "No way--"
2.09sHey, Lisa, man.
1.63sI'm, like, so impressed.
3.49sWhen I was in second grade, I was all "I'm so good."
0.83sWant a smoke?
3.14sUh... I'll smoke it in class.
2.09sBart, you're doing a bang-up Job.
3.79sThere were some corridors in this school you'd never go down.
1.67sNow I feel safe anywhere.
1.85sEvery day is a new fight, sir.
2.12sBart, the school is a police state.
2.17sStudents are afraid to sneeze.
1.23sI have you to thank.
2.1sCome with me.
2.17sMadre de Dios!
2.47sThe legends were true!
3.89sWhenever a teacher confiscates something it ends up here.
7.97sSalacious halter tops complete collections of Mad, Cracked and the occasional issue of Crazy and this plastic derriere.
6.14sNow, to show my gratitude, I want you to help yourself to an item of your choice.