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1.72sIt's quite simple, really.
2.65sI observed our friend, Groundskeeper Willie, burning leaves--
2.6sa blatant disregard for our clean air laws.
3sBart Simpson on the side of law and order?!
2.29sHas the world gone topsy-turvy?
1.08sThat's right, man.
3.77sI got my first taste of authority and I liked it.
5.57sThere are a lot of troublemakers in this school and I can't be everywhere at once.
1.27sGo on.
2sLook, let's can the euphemisms.
2.79sHow would you like to be a hall monitor?
2.05sWouldn't that mean squealing on other kids?
1.2sThat's the meat of it.
4.07sNow, Witness X would you please tell the court what you saw?
1.8sI'd be more than happy to.
5.74sI saw Mr. Montone there seal Mr. Palaccio in an oil drum and roll him off the pier.
1.03sI kill you!
2.65sAy, caramba!
1.45sI don't know.
2.43sOh, now, you get to wear a sash.