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2.94sYou don't need long fingers to play the blues.
2.12sThe blues come from in here.
2.42sMy God, they are stubby.
1.87sI didn't steal that copper wire.
2.4sI just thought they were throwing it out.
1.27sHere. Take it.
1.63sNo. We're here for your son.
1.9sHe's coming on a ride-along.
2.6sMaybe this will straighten the boy out.
2.54sWow! Can I see your club?
1.5sIt's called a baton, son.
0.92sWhat's it for?
2.3sWe club people with it.
2.62sWell! It's about time.
2.94sSo you guys like being cops?
1.2sOh, it's great.
4.39sYou run red lights, park wherever you please hot-and-cold-running chicks.
3.92sAnd when you go home at night you know you've made a difference.