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1.52sMm-hmm. It's like a mommy.
1.13sPolice officer?!
1.62sWell, I'll be jiggered.
5.35sIf you'd like to learn more I could arrange a ride-along in a police car.
2.79sI don't need you to get me in a police car.
1.43sYou should consider this.
3.59sBefore I saw these test results, I had you pegged a drifter.
2.52sWow. A drifter.
1.55sLousy sheriff.
2.1sRun me out of town.
1.52sHe's lost my vote.
1.48sA homemaker!
2.29sI might as well be dead.
1.22sIt's not that bad.
1.27sWhat will you be, boy?
1.32sOh, that's nice.
4.52sYour father wanted to be a policeman but they said he was too heavy.