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1.67sWhat? Now just hold on, Quagmire.
1.3sIf you start yapping to the cops,
2.35swe're gonna rot in prison for the next 30 years.
4.12sJOE: Evening, gentlemen. (ALL GASP) Joe! Glad I found you here.
2.07sI had a question for you guys.
3.7sDid any of you happen to be at Mort's pharmacy on the night of the fire?
1.13sNo. None of us were.
1.58sI'm triplets. Could have been one of my triplets.
3.87sI see. Well, then it's kind of peculiar that I would find this.
3.14sA pocket-dial voicemail from Peter on the night of the fire.
3.74sPETER: Oh, my God, look at that fire we started, Quagmire and Mort.
1.87sYou know who I don't miss is Joe.
2.37sThat's a piece of evidence that hurts all of us.
2.87sYou three are under arrest for burning down Goldman's Pharmacy.
1.4sWell, the pocket-dial giveth,
1.9sand the pocket-dial taketh away.
1.52sYou'll never take me alive!
1.73s- Aren't you gonna run? - I would,
1.97sbut I don't want my gym teacher to laugh at me.
2.62sHe's been following me around since junior high.
2.19sWatch this. Watch this Jewish kid run.