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7.14s(ANGRILY) I don't know. Probably just a collared shirt and jeans.
5.82sHave you never been to a restaurant before?
1.52sOh, he's getting annoyed. Look at that.
2.3sHe sure is. Okay, now tell him you want a vegan place.
2.43s(CELL PHONE RINGING) Oh, my God! He's so pissed, he's calling.
1.6sWell, answer it.
1.63sNo, no, no. I'm gonna send it to voicemail, then call him back,
2.29sbut pocket-dial him while I walk a few blocks.
4.17sJOE: Peter? Peter? Hello?
1.87sI'm getting very little work done!
2.45sYou guys, I just can't take this anymore.
3.25sI've been giving it a lot of thought and I think we all just need to confess.