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1.2sHey, what's up, Quagmire?
2.13sOh, there's the sound of the birds.
1.17sI thought they all disappeared,
1.53sbecause all I could hear was a lawnmower.
3.87sOh, and what's that? The wind in the trees! Good... That still exists.
1.77sWhat are you doing there, planting some flowers?
1.5sHey, look, why don't you go bother Joe, huh?
1.57sI can't. He's in Vegas for the weekend,
2.27sseeing that handicapped Cher impersonator.
2.79sIf I could turn back time
6.51sIf I could find a way Yeah! We all want to turn back time!
3.04sThis is the biggest sitting ovation I've ever seen!
1.52sDamn it, where the hell did I put that?
1.44sWhat are you looking for, Brian?
1.47sThat steak bone you gave me last night.
1.43sI can't remember what the hell I did with it.
1.63sDidn't you bring it outside?
3.14s(SCREAMING) Holy crap! Quagmire, you all right?
3.17sNo, I'm not all right! My head's gushing blood, you idiot!