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2.3sAll right, then let's do it, tomorrow night!
4.07sGood. I'm just gonna have to reschedule my weekly re-circumcision.
2.03sSo, what are we doing today, a little off the top?
0.95sYeah, but leave a little up front,
1.03sso I have something to play with.
1.1sSounds good.
1.28sAnd take a look at the back.
1.43s- You see that there? - Yeah.
1.27sYeah, let's trim that. I don't know when that started,
1.23sbut let's get rid of that.
1.6sOkay, guys, listen up.
3.09sThis is a very flammable mixture that's also undetectable.
2.95sIf we put it on the electric box and two of the outlets,
3.37sthen light them all at once, it'll look like a short circuit.
2.18sGeez, Mort, how the hell do you know how to do all this?
4.1sWell, there's a whole section of the Torah dedicated to burning down your business.
4.94sRight after the chapter on writing complaint letters that will result in compensatory merchandise.
2.52s"Dear stuffed shirts at Ritz Crackers.
2.8s"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
5.24s"Just as a box of crackers is only as appealing as its least intact sleeve.
4.07s"I am paying for fully formed crackers, not butter crumbles.
2.4s"I don't buy your product with broken quarters,