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2.5sLast year, after I lost my beloved Muriel,
3.37sour life insurance company refused to pay on her policy.
4.25sThey took what should have been a pleasant experience and made it into an ordeal!
1.73sWell, that doesn't totally surprise me.
3.72sA friend of mine staying in my house got, um, injured,
2.94sand my homeowner's insurance wouldn't pay her doctor bills.
3.85sSaid the policy didn't cover an "Act of Rod."
6.67sYeah, come to think of it, they wouldn't even pay for the fetus Lois lost when we went to visit the Museum of Staircases and Spring-loaded Boxing Gloves.
1.93sYeah, you know, they don't seem to pay out on anything.
1.03sNo, not at all, right?
1.6sYeah, that's true, they don't pay.
2.9sWell, then I say, screw the bastards! Let's burn the place down!
2.79sWhat? Peter, we're talking about a major crime here.
2.93sThis is not smuggling Oriental women into the country in steel cans.
1.6sThis is a serious felony.
2.74sQuagmire, this whole mess was our fault. We got to make it right.
1.9sAnd, look, as long as nobody sees us,