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1.45sGood evening, Quahog.
7.54sGrim details continue to roll in at this hour in the story of the detached airplane advertising banner which caused a school bus to plummet into the Pawtuxet River.
4.49sThat's right, Joyce. Quahog's own Goldman's Pharmacy made headlines across the country,
3.4safter a banner of theirs caused the bus to drive off a bridge,
2.42stragically killing all the teenagers on board.
2.9sMany of the students Tweeted about the accident as it was happening.
1.28sWe have a few here.
4.42sFrom @Jenny94, "Water seriously cold, yo."
5.1sHere's @TheTed69, "I'm gonna survive this LOL. JK."
1.57s"JK," indeed.
3.94sOh, God, I'm ruined! Nobody's ever gonna shop in my pharmacy again!
1.6sI'm gonna lose everything!
1.67sOh, Gosh, Mort, I feel terrible about this.
1.7sI wish there was some way we could fix it.
3.27sYou know, my cousin had the same problem, but he lucked out,
1.9s'cause his business burned to the ground.
2.4sThe insurance made him a very rich man.
2.25s(CHUCKLES) Too bad we can't just torch the pharmacy.