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3.2sLucky there's a man who positively can do
1.83sAll the things that make us
1.45sLaugh and cry
3.65sHe's a family guy
2.42sOh, my God! Brian, I went to a baby rave last night.
2.47sDropped a Flintstones chewable. It was a purple Betty.
4.5sI was flyin'! I was up till like... Like... I don't even know how late.
1.9sLike, when I came home, The Mentalist was still on.
2sLike, that's how late. Morning, family.
2.8sAnyone needs me, I'll be out in the yard using my new riding mower.
1.57sA riding mower?
2.42sFor God's sakes, stop making all these frivolous purchases.
3.45sYou just blew all that money hiring that English-to-raccoon translator.
6.66s(WHISPERING) (CHITTERING) (CHITTERING ANGRILY) Don't need a translator for that one.