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4.12sExcuse me, I have been waiting for my prescription for 25 minutes!
1.87sOh, I'm really sorry, Ms. Dumott.
2.29sWe'll have that filled for you right away.
2.1sGuys, what the hell's going on back there?
3.27sRemember, each pill has to go into the correct bottle.
1.83sThis ain't so hard.
2.23s(DROWSILY) I... I got a wicked boner.
1.15sThis was a great idea, Peter.
1.57sWe fly this thing over Providence,
1.5sit's bound to get people into the pharmacy.
5.6sThat's right, bring in the city folk with their big money and their long cigarettes and their dogs with shoes.
3.14sHey, check it out, we got a giggity over there on the 32nd floor.