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3.67sIs opening and closing the cash register a bunch of times helping business yet?
2.14sNo. Okay, then we'll do other stuff.
2.67sOkay, Mort, now, if you want to get more customers in your pharmacy,
1.63syou're gonna have to do a promotion, like...
1.03sLike, "Buy one, get one free."
1.9sBuy one, get one free. Huh?
1.67sBuy one... Yeah, I get that.
1sGet one free.
1.37sIs that, like, a Spanish word?
1.6sNo, it's English. The whole thing's English.
6.17sOh, 'cause it seems like you're saying the first part in English and then some kind of made up phalumpf-phalumpf or something in the second part.
1.17sI don't understand you.
1.77sAll right, let me try explaining it another way.
4.57sLet's say we're at someone else's store and there's a sign and it says, "Buy one, get one free."
3.47sGet one free? Wow! What store are you talking about?