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2sCome on, Joe. You're really gonna put us away?
1.53sYou think I want to do this?
3sYou know how hard it's gonna be for me to make new friends?
2.33sHey, do you think Chris is old enough to be my friend?
1.43sOld enough? Yes.
1.83sBut I wouldn't bark down that alley, you frighten him.
2.63sHe thinks you're a Transformer that broke halfway through.
1.77sI get that a lot. I understand.
2.67sLook, Mort was in trouble. We were just trying to help him out.
3.07sWell, insurance fraud is not the way to help somebody out.
2.87sListen, Joe, insurance agencies are all scumbags.
1.33sThey deserve to get hurt.
1.05sYou don't decide that.
1.85sWhat you did is against the law.
1.05sIt's easy for you, Joe.
2.7sYou don't know what it's like to be screwed over by an insurance company.
3.75sOh, I don't, do I? Well, let me tell you a little story.
2sIt was hours after my accident.
2.6sI was barely conscious on the operating table,
3sbut I'll never forget the phone call that changed my life.
3.44sHello, I'm calling on behalf of your policyholder, Joe Swanson.
2.5sHe's badly injured his spine.
2.64sWell, there's a new procedure that, if administered immediately,
1.87sshould restore his ability to walk.