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3.02sFirst, I have to read you the Miranda rights for Jewish people.
2.53sYou have the right to remain silent, even though you won't.
2.6sYou have the right to infer an insult where none was intended.
1.43sWhat's that supposed to mean?
1.17sYou have the right to a lawyer,
1.8swho you are probably related to.
1.47sThis interview is over.
2.32sWhat were you doing the night of March 8th?
0.97sFuckin' your mother.
1.27sCome on, man, that's not cool.
2.64sOh, yeah? Maybe this is cool enough for you.
4.15s(BLOWS) It's gonna take a lot more than a fart in my face to make me...
1.87sWhoa! Whoa!
1.9sYeah, and there's more where that came from.
3.75s(STRAINING) (SIGHS) No, there isn't.
1.3sWhere were you the night of the fire?
1.1sI was at the movies.
1.57sWhat did you see? No Strings Attached.
1.27s- How was it? - Sucked.
2.55sOkay, that checks out.
3.6sBoy, that Ashton Kutcher sure was a cad in that movie, wasn't he?