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1.78sNo! No! Everyone stays.
1.74sI want this to be a disaster.
2.07s'Cause this has been a long time coming.
2.32sYou care about nothing except yourself.
1.32sYou son of a bitch.
3.22sI got a license to operate a sex crane for you.
3.85sAnd I got earplugs so I could put up with that (MIMICS BONNIE) horrible voice of yours.
2.42sI'm not an impressionist, but you get the idea.
4.42sI perform purification rituals on my body after we have sex.
4.7sI find it cleanses the immeasurable sadness of having lain with a wretch.
1.03sI want a divorce!
1.87sYou got it!
1.6sSorry. I opened some of the gifts.
3.74sDoes the Swanson divorce mean that I have to go live with Grandma and Grandpa?
3.24sNo, Chris, it does not. That doesn't even make any sense.
3.22sPeter, I can't believe you would encourage Joe to have an affair.
1.43sLook, Lois, it's in the Bible.
2.07sWhat's in the Bible?
2.33sI don't know. Doesn't that always cover it somehow?