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1.57sTOM: (SMACKS LIPS) Okay, I'm done. That's right, Joyce!
3.67sApparently, there were 100 kilos of cocaine right here in Quahog.
1.88sAnd yet my guy can't get dick.
5.65sJOYCE: Singled out for special recognition in orchestrating today's drug bust was Officer Joe Swanson.
2.7sIt feels good to know that, thanks to me and my colleagues,
3.95sa lot fewer people will be injecting cocaine into their penises tonight.
1.05sIs that a thing?
1.2sIt's a great thing.
2.47s(CHEERING) - Great job, Joe! Way to go!
1sThere he is!
1.1sHey, thanks, everybody.
0.85sHey, guys.
1.7sHey, Joe, I saw you on TV.
2.5sNow I have to go through the five stages of having a celebrity friend.
1.78sOh, you're on TV! That's so cool!
2.07sWe are going right to the top together!
1.37sOh, you think you're better than us, huh?
2.27sJust one fucking stroke of luck, and you're there and I'm here!
1.33sI'm sorry I overreacted.
1.03sLook, you got to be careful.
1.23sYou need someone looking out for you,
1.3swho knows you. Someone you can trust.
1.35sGive me some money!
2.14sMan, that was some pretty impressive police work, Joe.
0.95sThanks, Quagmire.
3.04sI'll be honest, it was nice to be acknowledged by the Chief for once.
3.57sUsually, he's just reminding me that whatever punk I'm roughing up ain't worth it.
2.42sYou son of a bitch! I ought to kill you right here!