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2.68sMom, it's my birthday, and you invited your friends.
2.15sAll yours are dead!
2.99sHey, guys. Can I talk to you for a second?
1.27sI did something terrible.
1.8sAh, hey, we've all done terrible things.
1.03sAttention, everyone.
3.9sThe plane is sinking, so I need you all to proceed onto the floating slide.
1.55sPETER: Dear airplane people,
2.44sI owe you one floating slide.
1.5sAnd just so you know,
2.44sthe guy stewardess was angry gay, not happy gay.
0.87sWhat does it say?
2.37sNothing. Just instructions and stuff.
2.68sOh, my God. You actually went through with it? How was it?
1.48sI don't know, you guys.
2.69sI thought I would feel better after I slept with Nora, but I don't.
2.09sI just feel really guilty.
3.2sAnd I'm not mad at Bonnie anymore, I'm just mad at myself.
4.8sGuys, am I the only one who thinks it's weird talking about Joe cheating on Bonnie in front of their baby?
3.34sMALE VOICE: I think we can all benefit from a little strange now and then.
1.2sI know I will.