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3.29sI'm sorry. I thought he was a party robot.
2.59sOh! This is why I can't have nice things.
3.87sEvery time I design a robot, somebody comes along and--
3.14sOoh! Can I have a brownie? They're for after dinner.
5.07sOoh! Can I have dinner? You can't have a brownie, period.
0.38sHomer wants a brownie. I'm gonna get one.
2.1sComing in from the left. Stop it.
2.84sOr is it the right? Look out for the reach-around! Homer!
3.95sHe shoots, he sc-- My thumb!
0.47sOh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!
1.6sI'm sorry! I'm so sorry!
4.04sSorry doesn't put thumbs on the hand, Marge!
3.19sWell, calm down. If we hurry, they can reattach your thumb.
2.57sReattach a thumb? This isn't Gattaca!
2.09sWe've just gotta get your thumb to the--
2.15sWhere did it go?
2.03sOkay, boy. Drop the thumb.