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2.31sGreat grilled-cheese ghost!
2.29sWe've uncovered a hard-core cracker house.
1.9sThere's enough Chinese sky candy here...
2.67sto put you boys away for a long time.
4.05sI can't go to juvie. They use guys like me as currency!
2.48sYeah. They'll pass you around like--
2.13sWell, like currency, like you said.
1.82sMaybe we can make you boys a deal.
2.37sYour mission is to find the fireworks smugglers...
3.44sand get them to say something incriminating on this tape.
2.15s"Hootie and the Blowfish"?
2.07sYeah. It's cheaper than blank tape.
2.64sGreat idea to smuggle fireworks, boss.
2.13sYeah, I was gettin' sick of running those unions.
2sSo much paperwork.
1.77sKnock-knock. Excuse me.
3.54sMy friend and I were interested in purchasing quality fireworks.
1.93sYes, we are.
4.27sWhy, I'd be delighted to sell you some illegally smuggled goods.
3.2sFat Tony, is that you? Fat Tony?
3.4sHey, where's that voice coming from? This guy's wearin' a wire!