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3.64sFor example, it would be awful if all the TSA people were gathered around,
1.6swatching this emotional moment,
4.57seven the older black female carry-on scanner who initially stopped you at the baggage check,
2.34sbut who after you told her of your intentions,
1.4ssaid, "Go get him, child,"
4.17sin flagrant disregard of all newly-implemented post-9/11 security measures.
2.97sAnd if you were considering bringing a boom box to play music,
2.47sI would suggest any one of these six songs.
2sSo again, ran away. Don't come after me.
3.9sAnd I want to thank you
1.77sDirty whores, all of you.
1.23sHey, Peter.
1.2sLois, we got a problem.
2.2sI think Ryan Reynolds is in love with me.
1.87sWhat? Don't be ridiculous.
1.82sIt's true. Last night we were at this restaurant,
1.78sand he tried to gay kiss me.
1.52sI'm telling you, he wants to get with me.
1.02sPeter, come on.