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1.75sYour potato joke was terrible.
1.97sI can't believe you drove my car!
1.72sYou could have gotten yourself killed!
1.4sI'm gonna have to tell Peter and Lois.
2.82sNo! No, you can't tell them! I'll be in so much trouble!
1.45sStewie, I have to.
2.27sAll right, I have covered for you plenty of times before,
1.27sbut not this time.
2.7sThis is very dangerous, and I have to make sure you never do it again.
1.45sI won't, I swear!
1.57sStewie, calm down.
2.9sSometimes in life, you just have to accept what's coming to you.
3.94sLike the contestant who gets the lesser showcase on The Price is Right.
3.39sANNOUNCER: Lindsay, your showcase is all about relaxation.
3.32sAnd what better place to relax than in your brand-new hammock?
5.2sThis sturdy and portable hammock from Swingway turns any patio into a tropical paradise.
4.79sAnd you can entertain yourself on your patio by drawing with chalk!
5.52sYes, Pratt and Millwood eight-color pastel chalk will turn your patio into a tropical art studio.