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2.32sOh, my God, Rupert. This is such a thrill!
3.74sLook at me, I'm driving. I'm driving a real car! I don't believe it!
2.09sWell, I'd say we need to put on some tunes.
3.25sWEENIE: (ON RADIO) Hey, welcome back to Weenie and The Butt on 97.1.
5.25sCHORUS: 97.1! Ooh! Weenie and The Butt. Just like the grown-ups listen to.
3.12sTHE BUTT: And that was Baby by Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris,
2.97swhich means it's time to give away some Justin Bieber tickets!
4sWEENIE: That's right, Butt. Our fifth caller will ween those tickets!
6.09sCHORUS: Fifth caller Caller number five MAN: Not four, not six WOMAN: (SEXILY) Oh, five MEN: (YELLING) Cinco! Cinco! Cinco!
1.13sHey, you know what, Rupert?
1.93sYou know what I should do, just, like, as a goof?
5.8sI should try to win those Justin Bieber tickets just so I can, like, tear them up or use them to go to the concert.