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3.27sWow. Why does a guy in his 20s need to get his cholesterol checked?
1.34sOh, come on, now.
1.8sOh, hey. I never got your name.
2sPeter. Peter Griffin. And I'm...
1.2sCatch you later, Peter.
1.58sWow, he was really nice.
2.1sNot like when I met that bitch Shelley Duvall.
2.33sHi, I'm Shelley Duvall. Very nice to meet you.
1.5sBig fucking deal.
2.42sCame right up to me, like I was just dying to meet her.
2.07sPeter, you're gonna have to let that one go.
4.17s(DOORBELL RINGS) Hi, Mrs. Janetti. I'm here to pick up Stewie.
2.52sOh, sure, Brian. He's in the playroom with Gavin.
2.37sGavin. That's a stupid name.
1.67sAnd nobody likes you at school.
2.95sI tried to stick up for you but I can't, because everybody hates you.