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2.1sWOMAN: Oh, no, no. Baby fall down!
1.87sIs that... Is that Consuela?
2.17sBaby all alone in street.
1.57sI take baby home.
1.08sIt's me. Stewie.
1.8sDon't you remember? You used to clean for us.
2.3sWe used to make you use the bathroom at the gas station.
1.77sHey, you. Uh, hey, Ryan.
1.33sBad time?
1.22sUm... Perfect time.
1.67sCome on in. I was just oiling my legs.
1.38sSo, hey, what's on for tonight?
1.8sYou know, my dentist leaves his office unlocked.
2.52sI was thinking we could do some nitrous and then have dinner in there.
1.19sLook, Ryan,
1.95syou're a great guy and everything,
2.07sbut I don't like you in that way.
2.2sI mean, there are some things that I would do with you,
2.13sbut my heart wouldn't be in it.