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2sHey, Marge, why are you with Krusty?
1.67sThese kids are too old for clowns.
3.94sActually, Homer, I'm into your lady.
2.93sHey, man, she's not my lady anymore.
2.1sWe split up, it's all cool. I...
1.6s- I'll kill you! - (GAGGING)
1.93sOnce they destroy each other...
1.6s...then we make our move.
3.07sYes, we make our move.
2.74sWhat? A spider got into the cloning machine.
1.23sAttention, everyone.
3.22sPlease welcome our valedictorian, Lisa Simpson.
3.27sShe will be attending Yale.
1.87s(WHISPERING) Listen, I'm not going to Yale 'cause of my brother.
3.14sI mean, Hot Dog on a Stick Management Camp.
1.4sThat's odd.
3.35sYou get into Yale, and Lisa can't go anymore?
1.88sHey, what can I say? I love learning.