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1.25sThey do?
1.13sOh, yeah.
2.6sOnce I home-invaded this Princeton dude,
2sand he was, like, totally married.
6.11s(GROANS) Well, I guess an intensive four-year bachelor of arts program is the easiest way to get Jenda back.
1.03sHello, Smithers.
3.04sNice of you to drop by after my life was saved.
1.62sSir, you knew I was on a date.
4.14sMr. Smithers? I thought you were, you know...
1.65sHa-ha. No, I'm straight.
2.7sAs long as I take these injections every 10 minutes.
2.37sI love boobies!
3.92sIt's so great that Yale has finally forbidden men from taking science.
4.5sNow let's see, should I major in Femistry or Galgebra?
2.6sListen, Lise, I gotta tell you something.
1.37sI'm going to Yale.
3.17sWhat? I don't want to go to the same college as you.
2.82sThen I've got some great news! You're not going to Yale!
7.29s(SCREAMS) (BOTH SCREAM) (SCREAMS) Hey, I didn't do anything. Yet.