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2.45sIs this some sort of brain scanner?
3.64sSome sort, yes. In France, it's called a guillotine.
3.35sProfessor! Can't you examine my brain without removing it?
3.27sYes, easily.
4.74sHey, what if Fry wasn't actually dead when we buried him? You know, like julia Roberts.
2.59sWell, I suppose there's a slim--
2.8sI don't believe it!
3.39sWhat is it? Is Fry alive in some other dimension or something?
5.12sNo! According to this gizmometer, Fry is dead and nothing can bring him back.
1.31sBut... my dream.
2.22sYour science can't unprove that.
2.62sHow could I have known the gift was in Fry's locker?