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4.67sA single sting of their hideous neurotoxin can cause instant death!
2.6sAnd that's if you're not allergic. You don't want to know what happens then.
2.07sOh, no, no. God, no.
4.64sYour insides will boil out of your eye sockets like a science-fair volcano.
3.37sI didn't want to know!
4.1sThese bees are larger than most Buicks and twice as ugly.
4.1sLarger than an American sedan? Whoo! How big is the honeycomb?
2.49sHoneycomb's big. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
0.41sIt's not small?
1.99sNo, no, no.
4sIt'll take more than deadly, deadly bees to keep us from doing our job.
1.88sCome on, boys.
0.67sBut, Leela, we're no good.
4.67sListen, I'm scared too. But I'm more scared of disappointing myself.
3sI'm not scared of that at all. Hooh!