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1.67s8:00 central.
4.79sOh. I'm beginning to think there'll be no forced mating at all.
5.24sThey're going to destroy the entire Earth if they don't see some stupid TV show about some bimbo lawyer?
3.94sIt's crazy. How could they even know about a show from 1,000 years ago?
7.17sWell, Omicron Persei Eight is about 1,000 light-years away so the electromagnetic waves would just recently have gotten there.
1.43sYou see--
1.2sMagic. Got it.
1.3sCheck this out.
5.27sBack in 1999, the season finale of Single Female Lawyer was interrupted by technical problems.
3.27sApparently some zidiot spilled coke on a transmitter.
1.95sBeer. I would think.
1.88sThey must just want to see that episode.
1.97sLet's find a tape and give it to them.
2.14sThere aren't any copies left.