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1.73sNobody destroy Kif.
1.9sUnless you have to.
1.6sOh, ho-ho.
1.82sThe luscious Captain Leela.
5.62sThis is turning into one very sexy struggle for the future of the human race.
2.8sThanks, but I'm not technically human.
1sRight, right.
2.37sNobody destroy Leela, either.
3.57sThe key to victory is discipline and that means a well-made bed.
3.07sYou will practice until you can make your bed in your sleep.
1.62sYou mean, while I'm sleeping in it?
1.83sYou won't have time for sleeping, Soldier.
2.24sNot with all the bed-making you'll be doing.
2.92sThe alien mother ship is in orbit here.
4.74sIf we can hit that bull's-eye the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards.
4.45sNow, like all great plans my strategy is so simple, an idiot could have devised it.
6.77sOn my command, all ships will line up and file directly into the alien death cannons clogging them with wreckage.
3.34sWouldn't it make more sense to send the robots in first--