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1.6sYou're all from different cultures here.
1.6sSome of you are white.
1.6sSome of you are black.
1sYou're brown.
1.43sAnd you're silver.
3.72sBut I don't care if your skin's red or tan or Chinese.
2.92sYou're all going to have to learn to die together.
0.77sAm I right, Soldier?
1.57sWell, actually, I--
2.44sSir! Yes, sir! Sir!
2.35sRemember, our mission is simple--
1.53sDestroy all aliens.
1.07sEr, um...
1.13snot me, sir.
1.6sOh, yes... right.
1.73sNobody destroy Kif.
1.9sUnless you have to.
1.6sOh, ho-ho.
1.82sThe luscious Captain Leela.
5.62sThis is turning into one very sexy struggle for the future of the human race.
2.8sThanks, but I'm not technically human.
1sRight, right.