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1.2sOh, yes.
4.24sOnce again, today's winning lotto number was four.
4.3sIn other news, alien saucers continued to rain destruction upon Earth.
4.34sWe now go live to an emergency address by Earth President McNeal.
2.27sLadies and gentlemen our course is clear.
2.33sThe time has come to knuckle under.
3.14sTo get down on all fours and really lick boot.
3.47sGive our alien masters whatever they want and--
5.8sPeople of Earth I am Lure, of the planet Omicron Persei Eight.
1.07sIs this thing on?
1.1sNow, then.
2.2sWe want the one you call McNeal.
6.01sGive us McNeal, or we will lay waste to your cities with our anti-monument laser.
2.2sWe demand McNeal!