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1.65sWell, it's a Fox affiliate.
1.63sWhat are you showing right now?
1sSingle Female lawyer.
1.2sIt's the season finale.
1.03sYou want to watch?
1.05sAh, I don't know.
1.5sThat's a chick show.
3.75sI prefer programs of the genre World's Blankiest Blank.
2.14sShe is wearing the world's shortiest skirt.
1.05sI'm in.
3.35sCounselor, I remind you that it's unethical to sleep with your client.
3.77sIf you really care about the outcome of the case, you should sleep with me.
6.47sYour Honor, it's bad enough to proposition a single female lawyer in court but this is a unisex bathroom.
2.17sOverruled, Counselor.
2.47sCould you repeat that last part?
1.13sOh, my God.
1.6sYou knocked Fox off the air.
2.23sPfft. Like anyone on Earth cares.