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3.47sOh, look, it is Mr. Homer, my favorite customer.
5.62sPlease feel free to paw through my Playdudes and tell me to go back to some country I am not actually from.
1.53sWhy the sweet talk, Apu?
2.04sAre you after some cheap drugs?
2.13sPlease let me come on one of your smuggling runs.
5.49sMy eight babies are driving me crazy with their coughing and sneezing and general oozing.
2.9sMy Janitor in a Drum is afraid to come out!
2.25sWhat does that mean? I don't even know!
3.02sThat is the kind of bad joke I am making! I am so tired!
2.54sHelp me out, Homer. My little Roddy needs his insulin.
2.37sBreaks my heart to watch him jones-diddly-onesing.
6.17sFlanders? I don't know. I mean, you haven't done anything for me since you lent me that 5,000 bucks yesterday.
1.98sI don't claim to be the perfect neighbor.
5.67sIf you let us come, I will give you 10 minutes alone with my Squishy machine. Do what you will.