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2.47sDrugs aren't so expensive in other countries.
3.48sIn other countries, families also lie on the floor and eat bugs.
1.5sWhat countries are those?
1.5s- You ever been to Norway? - No.
1.27sWell, they do it in Norway.
4.14sAnd that's why I personally thank God we pay too much for drugs.
2.74sI mean, the right amount. I mean, not enough.
1.73sHere. Watch this video.
1.84sPHARMACEUTICAL NARRATOR: The mighty Amazon River.
1.88sThe natives had a word for it.
1.6sThen we got rid of the natives,
1.73sand no one remembers that word.
6.07sBut here are some words everyone remembers by Huey Lewis and the News.
3.27sI want a new drug One that won't make me sick
1.82sOne that won't make me crash my car
1.9sOr make me feel 3 feet thick
3.6sI want a new drug One that won't hurt my head
5.02s(MAN COUGHING) All right. Here's your medication.