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3.52sNow, kids, I want you to go to your parents' medicine cabinet,
6.49sand find all the pills labeled lithium dibromide and send them to me now!
2.37s- No one likes a bipolar clown! - (CHUCKLES)
6.99s(LAUGHING) (CRYING) To cope with the crisis, many consumers are turning to alternative forms of treatment.
3.19sI've had to medicate Ralphie with stuff from the evidence locker.
2.95s(CLANCY LAUGHS) I'm cuckoo for contraband!
3.34sOf course, this wouldn't be necessary if retail drug prices were reasonable.
2.34sDr. Julius Hibbert, do you agree?
2.02sWell, now, Kent, give the drug companies a break.
1.28sThey have lots of hidden costs,
2sand they know how to treat a brother.
4.05sLet me introduce you to the fine-looking females of Pfizer.
2.44sI like big butts And I cannot lie
1.95sYou other brothers can't deny
2.03sThat when a girl walks in With an itty-bitty waist
2.34sAnd a round thing in your face You get sprung