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2.17sMR. BURNS: Next stop, Pirate Island!
2.17sWell, that was a pretty good party.
5.27sDo you think Carol from Payroll and Mike from Shipping are going to hook up?
1.87s(GASPING) He's married. Change course!
1.67sCarol must be warned!
3.07sNow that Mr. Burns has eliminated the drug plan,
2.64swe're gonna have to cut back on our diseases.
2.24sI'll get a second job, one that pays well.
2.37sYou think those guys on Friends need another friend?
1.35sThat show's gone off the air.
3.27sDamn it. I would've been perfect as Rachel's Irish cousin.
2.2sSo you're all doin' each other, are ya?
3sBut who's gonna put out for old Seamus?